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Hi My Name is Imadylle Bais
I am a mother of two boys
and a wife to Elben Xerxes.

Si Nanay Madel means "Mother Madel". Since
my friends call me madel and Nanay is a local
name for Mother.
I've been crocheting since I was 10 years old.
I love making my own designs.

Please contact me:
Email address : sinanaymadel@gmail.com


  1. I am having great difficulty with row 13 of the V-stitch hat. I have 30 V stitches jp to this point. If I do 2 v stitches followed by double crochets in the next 2 v stitches, things just dont work. I greatly appreciate any explanation you can send me. Thanks in advance. Judh

  2. I'm having a problem with round 14 my round 13 ended up correct but I'm not getting the 24 v-stitch that it says I should have at the end of this round. Am I suppose to be skipping a v-stitch or what. There isn't any mention of a decrease so I'm guessing it's done every other round but why aren't I getting the correct number of v stitch in rd14

    1. Hi Angela, and thank you for being here. There are no Decreases in this round. If you got Round 13 right then you'll have 18 FULL V-Stitches and 12 Decreases (1dc) in Round 13. That is 3 FULL V-stitches followed by 2 1dc's (decreases). So in ROund 14 you will V- stitch as usual with no decreases and when you reach those 2 1dc's(decreases) you'll have to make a FULL V-stitch in between them, making the 12 decreases into 6 Full v-stitches in ROund 14. SO 18 plus 6 equals to 24 V-stitches. I hope this will help you. Happy Crocheting...

      Si Nanay Madel